How to Install Brackets Text Editor on Ubuntu Desktop

In This tutorial we are going to Learn how to install Brackets text editor on Ubuntu Desktop 16.04. Brackets is a Open source Text editor developed by adobe and very good advanced Text text editor for Ubuntu Desktop.

Following are the steps we are going to follow.

  1. Install gdebi package installer.
  2. Download Brackets Editor for Ubuntu Linux.
  3. Install brackets Editor with gdebi command.

To install brackets on Ubuntu Desktop we are going to use gdebi package installer. So first we need to install gdebi using apt-get install command.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gdebi-core

Download Brackets Editor for Ubuntu

Bracket installer for Ubuntu Linux comes in .deb format which we can install using the gdebi command. Go to brackets text editor download page and download .deb installer to your hard drive.

Install brackets with gdebi command.

To install Brackets Editor, Open the Ubuntu terminal, move into the folder which you saved the .deb file. Then execute:

sudo gdebi Brackets.Release.1.11.64-bit.deb

That will install brackets on your Ubuntu Desktop. You can open the editor from the Ubuntu application menu.

Brackets Text Editor is most suitable for Web designing and probably the best editor for Web designers.